Gayer-Anderson Cat prototype for the British Museum website


This project is an interactive prototype for a game that can be embedded in the British Museum website. The game is about the artefact based in the British museum. The purpose of that game is for users to get to know the artefact without actually visiting the physical museum. The chosen artefact was the Gayer-Anderson Cat, the game presents the background of the culture this artefact comes from and the background story of that artefact. User can choose a cat character to explore an ancient pyramid that has different hidden artefacts situated around the stairs. The design is mixed. Main part of the design is minimalistic and computer-based, but some elements are hand-drawn. The inspiration for that came from the Egyptian hieroglyphs, that is the artefacts background culture. All of the colours from the design were picked based around different papyruses and hieroglyphs designs. The game design anticipates immersing the user into the ancient Egypt culture.

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