A narrative-based anti-racism serious game


Racial discrimination is an intractable social issue in the world, and it is extremely difficult to completely eradicate it (United Nations 2015). With the emergence of COVID-19, the number of Asians suffering racial discrimination in Europe and America has increased significantly (Yang, Tsai and Pan 2020). Social media is flooded with all kinds of racist posts and each post has many followers. From verbal abuse to physical conflict and even assault, incidents of racial discrimination against Asians occur daily. Subjectively, as an Asian, I can deeply feel the unfairness brought about by racial discrimination. Therefore, I independently designed and produced a narrative-based serious game against racial discrimination. As seen from the point of view of an Asian student, the game reveals how he was treated differently before and after COVID-19 outbreak. By using captivating graphics and engaging background music, the game immerses the player in a world before COVID-19; however, things are going to take a toll. By highlighting the main difference between the before and after scenarios, the scenario presents the depth of the psychological trauma caused by racial discrimination. The situation calls for more awareness of racial discrimination against Asians during COVID-19. Although my power is limited, I would like to contribute my strength to the fight against racial discrimination.

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