Project Memento Mori: A Slime’s Whisper


A Slime’s Whisper is a Platformer game that looks at how different people view and deal with the concept of death and fate. The game is set in a typical RPG world, except it tells a story from The Monsters point of view. The Story focuses primarily on a nameless slime who goes on an adventure to obtain The Slime’s Whisper an item that will liberate his people from The Demon Lord enslavement. Whilst on his journey he sees how other people have been affected mentally and physically by the Demon's tyrannical rule. The game was developed on Unity and is intended for Desktop use. The game and overall project are inspired by the Persona series in particular Persona 3 (the theme of memento mori) and the Anime/Light novel That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime.

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