MOOD - Emotional Wellbeing Platform


This Developing Interactive Media project is called MOOD, a mobile-based platform for assessing and fostering human’s emotional well-being. This project is mainly targeted towards millennials and youngsters who are looking to understand and discover their emotional balance, as well as a complementary app which allows clients or children to provide therapists and guardians with emotional updates in an actively-passive manner. This platform includes a Client app and a Companion app. The MOOD app (client app) is purposefully designed for the former demographics mentioned above. The client app serves the most function and can be used as a standalone app, while the MOOD companion app is designed for the latter demographic, therapists and parents/guardians for observing the behaviour of people under their care. Their clients or children will be using the MOOD app as an emotion logging tool. The MOOD app aims to encourage people to log and evaluate past emotions, as a way to achieve emotional regulation. As a side feature but equally important, it contains an Emotional Recognition feature, which helps kids and individuals suffering from Alexithymia, Hyperempathy, or any relevant mental disorder which involves the inability to recognise and understand feelings, to help them understand feelings objectively via their input of descriptions, actions and expressions, whether it’s form themselves or of other people. The MOOD Companion app functions as an emotion observation tool which aims to provide emotional insights to one’s life while preserving the client’s privacy. The Companion app also acts as an early detection tool for destructive mental conditions such as depression and suicidal thoughts for clients in an unstable mental state.

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