Meatsmart is a critical design fiction prototype application set in the near future, created for the 3rd year Critical Design module. Meatsmart explores animals, meat products, and how we perceive both by providing a mobile platform to select, rear, and butcher animals raised remotely. The first page displays animals one at a time, accompanied by a photo, a name, and a farmer-written biography to describe them. Once an animal the user likes is found, they can add it to their digital farm. This animal will now be virtually raised through the app, with the user being able to tweak specifics such as vaccines available, feed quality, and even feed frequency. An inspiration for this project is current agricultural feed technology - such as remote solar-powered feeding stations, which can identify individual livestock via identification tags and provide specific quantities of food, as determined by the farmers. The key difference being however, Meatsmart focuses on how an app could allow the consumer to make these decisions instead, charging them through monthly fees which fluctuate with feed quality, vaccines, and feed frequency.

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