EMITIME is a game designed for PCs and uses “time” as the overall theme. You will be able to try out different types of gameplay and mechanics in this story-driven experience. This project is a prototype ( a short playable demo ) of the entire game idea. In an attempt to prevent each other from reaching a formidable fate, the three characters – Benjamin, Aldrich and Albert have to collaborate by making decisions based on the past and future. With a piece of jewel named EMITIME, each of the character who lives in different time gained the ability to communicate with the others, allowing them to share information about the past and future so that history can be changed. As each of the characters has a different role, they are able to assist each other in different ways and to different degrees. Inspired by comics, films and games with similar elements, this game revolves around the theme - "time" and you are able to experience three modes of gameplay (interactive story, exploration and action) when playing it. The three modes all have different art styles (2D, 2.5D & 3D) and main characters from different time; you are able to switch between the three modes at any time, allowing you to travel through time and control the three characters. With a non-linear storytelling experience, you can also experience the impact of your choices and selections freely, seeing how the past or future may change due to your own actions.

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