Dungeons Deep


Dungeons Deep is an Augmented Reality (AR) hack-and-slash video game designed to be played on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. In Dungeons Deep, players play the role of an adventurer fighting monsters within a dungeon using magical spells or their sword and shield. Dungeons Deep was heavily inspired by Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, with a particular interest on VR controllers and how VR video games utilised them. My overall goal for Dungeons Deep was to replicate and deliver a similar experience of playing a VR based hack-and-slash video game into an AR based video game. Dungeons Deep was developed for the Advanced Interaction Techniques & Technologies module. Dungeons Deep is powered by the Unity game engine in conjunction with the Vuforia AR SDK. Dungeons Deep utilised the Vuforia to provide various AR features and functionality such as the AR camera which can identify, track, and augment digital content over physical image marker targets. Dungeons Deep utilises two separate interaction techniques to perform different actions which include using an AR Tracking Wand or pressing the various buttons on their device’s touch screen. The AR Tracking Wand is a device that the player holds which has paper image marker targets attached onto it. This device allows players to control and manipulate digital content by performing physical actions, it works similar to VR controllers. For example, players can perform a swinging motion to melee attack the virtual monsters with their virtual sword.

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