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A Virtual Reality cooking trainer that teaches the user how to make Pasta Alla Gricia. The stages of the recipe are split into separate stages and ranked out of 5. The video submission features gameplay of the final stage which includes the whole recipe. Instructions: Teleport : Point somewhere with your left hand, move the joystick on the left hand controller up, and release. UI Interact : Point at the UI with your right hand and press the trigger button Grab : Hover your hand near an object and press either the trigger or grip button. Reflection: Certainly rough around the edges and missing some key features, but for the time I had available, I'm very happy with the outcome! I learned a lot about XR development and Unity's action-based input system. However, it became apparent after user testing that the simulator didn't work well as a trainer, it needs much more polish and more features to be able to function as one. Fortunately, it ended up being quite fun, so it might be best to focus on converting it into a game/simulator if I were to work on this in the future. Inspirations: I was inspired to separate each cooking skill into its own skill by the Cooking Mama franchise. This would let the user practice each skill individually if they were struggling with one part in particular. None of the 3D models were made by me but I do have the rights to use them. Taobao: Knife - 拾年设计师素材库 Pancetta - CGTrader: Cheese Grater - lockemreality Ladle - jonshoesmith Pasta Pot - dekogon Colander - LeartesStudios Unity Asset Store: Modular Kitchen Pack - Jake Sullivan Freesound: Boiling Water Sound - 14FPanska_Nemec_Petr Pan Hitsound - Kane53126 Pan Frying Sound - Bidone

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