Bog Roll Business Builder


Topic: Part of my MSc by Research in Interactive Media thesis investigating whether personalisation could be used to make web user interfaces more accessible for the individual Device: Desktop, although should be responsive and usable on all devices Reflection: This survey was designed to allow people to independently design their own e-commerce website, choosing their preferred design options from a set of 9 questions. I created a whimsical, easy to use website that allowed me to conduct research for my MSc thesis during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project works in the browser without the need to design anything and provides an interactive, accessible and engaging experience. The study and its results provided an interesting insight both into the differing needs of people with disabilities when using user interfaces on the web as well as the design and creation of interactive surveys. Implementation for this project took quite a while, as I had to learn Serverless (AWS Lambda) functions, as well as how to build the 'live' design to be accessible to as many people as possible, alongside the questions on the site. 'The Bog Roll Business Builder' provided a solid basis for the rest of my thesis and the insights generated enabled me to create a realistic e-commerce website that had a personalisable user-interface for areas that people had found different designs useful from this study's data. Inspiration: User Inyerface: Is this a sandwich?:

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